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Tribute to Priests

SKU: PriestTribute

Give tribute to a priest who has been an instrument of grace for you
or your loved ones through our Ad Altare Dei page. Or, if you are a priest,
consider making a gift in thanksgiving for your priesthood.

Apostles: $50,000+
Evangelists: $25,000+
Disciples: $10,000+
Preachers: $5000+
Confessors: $1000+
Servants of Christ: $500+
Fishers of Men: $250+
Shepherds: $20+

Make your gift through this online form (credit card or Paypal
account) or send it by US mail (credit card or check
payable to "Benedictines of Mary") to the address below:

Abbey of Our Lady of Ephesus
8005 NW 316th St
Gower, MO 64454

*Please specify the priest's name, ordination date,
and any message you would like to be posted.