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Abbey Church

The need to build our monastery church was urgent, especially as our community now numbers 36 members. The temporary chapel we have been using for the past seven years has served us well, but its walls are not growing with us, and it looks like we will have many new Sisters joining us next summer!

In addition to daily Mass, we come together eight times per day to chant the psalms in the Divine Office, gathering the needs of the Church and the whole world in our hearts to present before the throne of God's mercy.

To accommodate the growing number of Sisters and the ever increasing number of guests who desire to participate in our life of prayer, we are in need of generous souls who are able to contribute in order to continue the construction of our permanent church.

In addition to providing ample space for 50 Sisters and over 100 guests, this stone edifice will be a beautiful and noble monument to the glory of God.You can make your gift here. Through your prayers and generosity, we know our church will come to completion! Many thanks in advance!